2019 Goals – Midyear Check-In!

Following from the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag, I thought it’ll be fun to have a look back at the goals I created at the beginning of the year, and find out where I am with them and whether I’ve been following them or just completely forgot them. Hope you enjoy!!

1/ Read 70 books. 100% COMPLETED

This was an easy smash! I’m currently on 74 books so it’s safe to say I did well with this goal! If I keep my pace going, I’m likely to double this goal by the end of the year, watch this space!

2/ Read more non-fiction. 50%

So far so good! I have stayed on track to read one non-fiction a month and I would continue this, not just to the end of the year but next year as well! I found that it’s add more substance to my reading months.

3/ Read books that have been on my TBR the longest.  30%

I’m slowly getting through these… there’s now 18 left from the beginning of my Goodreads account when there were 22 at the beginning of the year, so I am still kind of on track to reduce this to 50% (11 books). I could easily read 7 of these before the end of the year, the real question is whether I remember to add them to my TBR’s!

4/ Participate in 5 readathons. 100% COMPLETED

This was well done for sure! I’ve participated in Polarthon, Contemporary-athon, Mental Health-athon, Asian Readathon, Summerathon, 2 x Buzzword Readathons, OWL’s Magical Readathon, and currently participating in The Book Junkie Trials. So that’s 8 already! Many more to come in the rest of the year for sure, and I’ve been enjoying my time!

5/ Focus on reading Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen. 30%

I’ve been slacking a bit here tbh, I still have 3 books from Jane Austen to finish, and I haven’t tackled any Thomas Hardy which is a shame. I would be reading more of them in the autumn/winter months, but I need to pick up the slack on this goal. If I finish Jane Austen’s, I might be tempted to move Thomas Hardy books into my goals for next year as he as considerably more books.

6/ Complete 4 series. 70%

So far I’ve completed the Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows duology, and on the last book of the Winternight trilogy. So I still need to start and finish one series, and finish another. So it is hopeful!

7/ Go back to monthly wrap-ups. 100% COMPLETED

I have been doing this and will be continuing for the rest of the year, I’m glad that I’ve gotten back a routine of monthly TBR’s and wrap-ups!

8/ Complete Popsugar Reading Challenge OR 52 Books Around the Year Challenge. 75%

I’ve been adding books throughout the year, and there’s only a handful of prompts which haven’t been completed, but I am certain I will complete at least one, if not both reading challenges!


So overall, I need to focus on my Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy reads, and also the books that have been on my Goodreads shelf the longest. I also need to focus on completing the last book of a series, and also starting/finishing another. All the other goals I’ve either completed or very confident that I will complete!


I hope you enjoyed my midyear check in! How are you guys doing for your reading goals this year? Have you been smashing them out or need a bit more TLC in the second half? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx

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