June Wrap-Up! (2019)

So June is swiftly over, and I literally blinked and it was the middle of the month and I had only read 2 books… But luckily I picked things up in the second half and managed to read a total of 10 books. This is possibly the lowest amount that I’ve read this year so far, but it’s okay because I’m only a few books away to completing my Goodreads challenge of 80 books! Below are my stats for the month, followed by all the books I read and my thoughts!

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31371709girl against the universe – paula stokes

format: paperback

length: 416


I really enjoyed this book, I related to the main character with her anxiety (not so much the hints of OCD or PTSD) I loved the relationships Maguire had with everyone in the book. It was great that her therapist had a very patient technique with Maguire and helped her come to resolutions by herself. The friendship group she had were incredibly supportive of her recovery and didn’t force her to do anything, Maguire was scared but determined to conquer her fear, which I loved to see. The love interest also had issues of his own to resolve, so instead of ‘romance curing a mental illness’, it was two people who care about each other, having separate issued to resolve, but stuck together and helped each other through these. It was so nice and beautiful to read about. I had a few technical critiques about the tennis scenes, I found it very unlikely that in her first match that they were able to break each other’s serve so frequently, and I found it unlikely that Jordy would be able to serve at speed of a matured professional. But they’re minor issues!




Becomingbecoming – michelle obama

format: hardback/Audible

length: 426


Gosh. I cried several times. I loved every second of this, and I love Michelle a lot more. I never knew the things she had to overcome in her early life, how driven she was to succeed in the face of adversity, poverty and racism. How she continually grew as a person and overcame so many difficult times in her life. It was so funny when she spoke about her encounter with Barack! Seeing their relationship bloom and hearing Michelle talk about it, I could hear her smiling when she talked about him. I found her story so relatable, even though I’m not black, not American, not a former FLOTUS, not a mother. That was how powerful her story was. I was still able to find a tonne to take away from this reading experience. I want to read this over and over again, especially after any hard days.




39874309. sy475 ps i like you – kasie west

format: paperback

length: 336


I enjoyed this book a lot more than I was expecting! I heard this is not a favourite amongst Kasie West fans so I had low expectations. But I really enjoyed it! I really loved all the relationships in this book. Lily’s relationship with her best friend, her parents, her siblings, and her secret pen pal were all written so well. I loved the family dynamic and her little brothers were like little cinnamon rolls. Although it was  predictable who the pen pal was, it was still an adorable read and I loved seeing how both sides developed and how they were they were pen pals but they didn’t know that the other knew. It was a quick, sweet read as are all of Kasie Wests books.




40864708the way you make me feel – maureen goo

format: paperback

length: 352


The main character was hilarious and edgy and didn’t take things too seriously. When she basically re-created the prom scene from Carrie it was so cheesy it was amazing! I was more involved in the friendship development rather than the romance, but that was because they were arch-enemies turned friends which I love to read about. I enjoyed how many other types of relationship were explored, family/father-daughter/absent mother-daughter, friendships with new and old, they were all so healthy and fleshed out. The love interest was so nice, nerdy and respectful, I just wanted to hug him! Also all the food they were making sounded so delicious, I wanted to hunt down this food truck and eat it’s entire contents! This was overall a quick, light, cute read and would recommend for a fun summer read.




39073285crooked kingdom – leigh burdugo

format: paperback

length: 549


I can’t go into much detail about this because it is a concluding novel in a duology. I enjoyed it so very much, I still loved all the characters and Nina is always my queen. The stakes didn’t seem as high as they were in Six of Crows and there was more tactical planning in this one. I was still on edge for the majority of this book about what on earth was going to happen and how the group were ever going to be free. The banter between everyone was first class! The development of relationships was beautiful! I only had one main issue, I didn’t like it when someone has major character growth and then it all be for nothing (can’t go into more detail because of spoiler). Apart from that, I was overall content with the ending and everything wrapped up well.




38739562with the fire on high – elizabeth acevedo 

format: hardback

length: 400


I don’t think I’ve ever read a 400-page book so quickly in my life, before I knew it  I was already halfway! I loved the story and the growth the main character had. It showed the struggle between wanting the spend time and support her daughter, and also wanting to follow her dream to become a chef. The author’s writing is so easy to read and flows so beautifully. The romance was so sweet and it showed how the main character tried to hold back because of how it might affect her daughter. And I loved the relationship with the grandmother. I would’ve liked a bit more exploration on what it’s like being a young, single mother, and it did annoy me when she kept calling her daughter ‘Babygirl’, so much so that I got confused when they used her real name because I had to think back to who it was! But apart from that I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend.




40611543. sy475 starfish – akemi dawn bowman 

format: Kindle

length: 353


I don’t know why it took me so long to read this! I really enjoyed this book. I can relate to the main character when she got rejected from the school she wanted to go to and had to change her plans. I didn’t read to change as much, but was still a crazy process! I can’t remember hating a character as much as her mother and uncle. I had serious rage whenever they did something, I hated them so much. The blossoming relationship was adorable, and the main characters friendship was really nice. I loved the art influence within the book, I really wanted to see some of the painting that she described at the end of the chapters. I’d be very interested to read more from this author because I enjoyed her writing and characters.




33877465. sy475 love & gelato – jenna evans welch

format: paperback

length: 352


This was a great summery, ‘beachy’ read. I loved re-exploring Italy, it felt like I was back on holiday there! And all the gelato testing really had me wanting to go back! It was a very fun, cute romance but I found it really unnerving and unrealistic when all this happened in the space of a week. The relationship developed so quickly, it was literally insta-love (which became ‘real love’ after a week?) I thought it was strange that you’d invite a girl to your house and introduce them to your mother on the same day you met! Howard was by far my favourite character, and I felt really sad for him because of the twist, he was such a sweetheart and just wanted the best. If there was less ‘who’s you daddy?’ plot then I would’ve rated it higher possibly. Nonetheless I still enjoyed my time.




40087230if i’m being honest- emily wibberley and austin siegemund-broka

format: hardback

length: 362


This was the perfect contemporary for me, everything about it I loved! Amazing Shakespeare and nerdy references! It was like Mean Girls, but if Regina decided to befriend the Art Freaks. I knew who the love interest was, but it was such a slow-burn and a ‘hate-to-love’. The chemistry between them was gorgeous, and seeing the guy come out of his shell and the main character seeing who he really is was adorable. The dynamics of the main character were so incredibly well done, I saw her struggling between what she thought was right and what was right for her. Her family was interesting and really showed how the main characters personality was the way it was. She was using brutal honesty as a way of hiding her emotions and being ‘tough-skinned’ and ‘successful’ like her dad. The friendship development was so beautiful as well. I loved how it tackled the issues with social cliques and how we are actually more similar than we are different, but because we stay in the ‘clique’ we find comfortable, we never know who we may find.




50397northanger abbey – jane austen 

format: Audible

length: 239


Another Austen book I really enjoyed! Seeing as this was technically her first and wasn’t published until after her death, her writing was still as amazing as it is with her more well-known books. I loved the satire of the gothic era, it gave the book more of an edgy, different atmosphere to it. The main character was very spunky and funny and I loved her spirited nature! There was quite a lot of drama considering the shortness of the book so I kept the pages turning and finished the book easily. The romance was cute as well, and such a slow-burn. The book also dealt with issues of class and scandal (well, what was classed as ‘scandal’ in 1800’s) which was very interesting to read about. I am yet to be bored by a Jane Austen book and I’m excited to continue her books!



And let’s see how much of my June TBR I actually managed to read!

Middlegame – Seanan McGuire

Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Burdugo

If I’m Being Honest – Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund Broka

Girls on The Verge – Sharon Biggs Waller

Girl Against The Universe – Paula Stokes

With The Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo

The Way You Make Me Feel – Maureen Goo

By Your Side – Kasie West

Love & Gelato – Jenna Evans Welch


  • Non-Fiction: Becoming – Michelle Obama
  • Classic: Lady Chatterley’s Lover – D. H. Lawrence (Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen)
  • Kindle/Audible: The Cactus – Sarah Haywood


= 8/12 TBR books!



So those are the books I read in June! Not my highest amount of books, but I enjoyed every one of the books I read, which is a massive win!

So what did you guys read in June? Have you read any of these, if so what did you think? Any recommendations based on what I read? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx




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